Best beach resorts in Krabi

Best beach resorts in Krabi Krabi is an extremely popular destination for those who absolutely love the beach! The City is a fantastic location for coral diving because it has some of the most stunning views of coral reefs in the entire globe.You can book your next vacation stay from the following collection of beach resorts in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach
Ao Nang Beach, about 20 km from the Town of Krabi, is a very lively beach in Krabi. The beach is located at the northern end of Ao Nang Bay and is situated by the sea. Over 100 elegant and comfortable resorts are scattered under the coconut trees by the sea. The beach extends to the foothills of the very famous limestone formations. At the end of the beach is a cliff with mountains and lush virgin forests. The amenities are convenient and easily accessible. Most visitors to Krabi come here. This is a great place to swim, sunbathe, stroll on the beach, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Railay Beach
Krabi’s Railay Beach is divided into East Railay, West Railay and Phra Nang. The beaches require only 10 minutes to travel from East Railay to West Railay. The beaches are connected by walking paths through large resorts. Railay Beach is a famous destination for rock climbing with its numerous rock faces and caves. Rock climbing is mostly concentrated in East Railay, where aside from ordinary practice walls, there are also mountainous rock faces on either side of the beach that make great challenging natural climbing sites. The turquoise water of the beaches make a trip to Railay a very special experience.

Ko Mai Phai
Ko Mai Phai Island is an outlying island of Great Phi Phi Islands. Located in the northeast of Great Phi Phi Islands, the island must be reached via a half-hour boat trip from Tonsai Bay Pier. The island features delicate white beaches and the lush bamboo forest for which it is named. The sea around Ko Mai Phai Island is azure in the distance, and becomes a clear jade by the seashore. The island has perfectly maintained natural features and fascinating fish swimming near the shore.

Mosquito Island
To the east of Mosquito Island is a rocky shore. A beautiful small beach is surrounded by a valley. Gorgeous coral reefs can be seen in the clear water. There are beautiful coral rocks on Phi Phi Island, which attract many tourists to snorkel. Mosquito Island is located in the northern direction of Da Phi Phi Island. It is a small island. There are many mosquitoes on the island, so basically tourists who come here do not go to the island, but just snorkel in the surrounding waters. The water depth here is about 3-6 meters, and there are abundant tropical marine life, you can see sea anemones and clownfish.

Maya Bay
Maya Bay belongs to the Phi Phi National Park located on the west coast of Phi Phi Island. It is mainly famous for being the site where the Hollywood film “The Beach” was shot. The sea is crystal clear, the sand soft and white. It is an incredibly picturesque location. Maya Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides, like a huge, magnificent hand meant to protect the bay. It offers a blue sea and shore dotted with coconut trees. The classic tropical island atmosphere is ideal for both photography and diving.